What is Pocoland? The reasons why you should play Pocoland

In the Play to Earn trend, many exciting games have been created, one of which is Pocoland. In particular, this is a Blockchain game from Vietnam and promises to bring a boom in the future.


Pocoland – home of the adorable Poco creatures, is a virtual world that supports several ecosystems of entertaining gameplay. Through the acquisition of our native token $POCO in our upcoming IDO, players can participate in Pocoland’s economy, which includes the exchange of in-game NFTs for a token that provides real market value. Join Pocoland as you lead a powerful team with 5 Poco warriors possessing different elements, defeat your enemies then collect huge rewards in POCO tokens on Binance Smart Chain and cross-chain on Polygon!

Starting with 5 Poco cutie warriors

Do you wonder if you should play Pocoland or not? Here are the reasons you should start reaching out today!

More ways to get more money

This will be a timely and useful tutorial in order to enhance your gaming experience with Poco. There are 5 ways to play and earn money from Poco game:

  • Play games, do daily quests, join events.
  • Complete to win in PVP battles, tournaments.
  • Sell game materials collected from gaming and tournaments on
    the marketplace.
  • Exchange, buy and sell the Poco characters…

What a big community!

Let’s take a look at Poco’s social networking channels such as Twitter, Facebook, Telegram, Medium, … we can easily see the huge number of members and reach at least 50,000 followers in each channel is looking forward for the debut.

Audited by Solid Group and Vechains 

Pocoland team comes from all over around the world. They have many years of experience and expertise in the working fields. Poco project also has also been audited by Solid Group & Vechains, showing that the project is very secure & transparent.

The backers and partners are extremely powerful

Standing behind and supporting the project is a mighty backers/partners team with names like Seedify.fund, Oxbull, GD10 Ventures, Everse Capital, AVA Capital, SS Ventures, Brotherhood,…


The roadmap shows the development roadmap and plan of a project. Roadmap Pocoland looks very clearly and detailed has almost completed the set goals.

The founding team

Pocoland project is developed by a team of young Vietnamese engineers. They have many years of experience and expertise in the working fields. With support by backers/partners above, Pocoland Team will have more confidence in implementing plans and developing projects in the near future.


Compared to the version of the popular Axies Infinity game. Pocoland is expected to create Play to Earn phenomena during the period when the COVID-19 pandemic is ravaging and causing many people around the world to lose their jobs. Pocoland is like a “lifeboat” to help people in this country have more money to cover living costs and expenses, also an entertainment channel to help people forget the series of terrible pandemic days.

You can find out more information about Pocoland here:

Website: https://pocoland.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/PocoNFTsGame

Telegram: https://t.me/PocoGroupChat