SS Ventures AMA with Zcloak Network RECAP

AMA will have two part, first part will be introduced deeply your project and the second will be part for questions already pick from form with rewards : 100$

What is the zCloak ID wallet ?

The flagship product on top of the zCloak Network is zkID—a DeFi KYC Gateway. It tries to explore a common ground between regulation (e.g. FATF standards) and the crypto world. Specifically, zkID will help users to store their KYC information as verifiable credentials in their own device. A check of the user KYC info can be carried out as a computation of user data in user space instead of in centralized servers. As such, people can prove to a DeFi project that they are legitimate users without giving away any personal information. And the DeFi smart contract can be assured that only “good people” are using their service. The zkID app is built as a chain-agnostic service and will be made available in major public blockchains.
zCloak ID wallet is a browser extension that currently only manages the user’s credential, ensuring that all zk proof generation calculations are performed locally. Currently, this wallet does not keep any user’s private key.

What is POAP for?

POAP = Proof of Attendance Protocol, it is the certificate protocol for your participation in the event, and it is a commemoration of the event. It was posted by zCloak himself on Moonbase and has nothing to do with, so the POAP of the testnet collar can only be viewed on Moonbeam’s testnet: Moonbase.
This guide is to let you experience the process of generating STARK proof locally.
zCloak Network is not an NFT project. The POAP guide for our first product,, is just a use case demonstration. The significance of letting everyone experience this use case is that the user uses the off-chain identity data to drive the NFT casting behavior on the chain, and the user does not send any personal privacy data to the outside world. The whole process uses zk-STARK zero-knowledge proofs and verifiable digital credentials to prove the authenticity of users’ local data and calculations. There is currently no project using the same technology in the crypto industry.
The biggest role of this group of POAP NFTs is to let everyone experience how to not give up personal privacy data, and to obtain on-chain contract services based on their own data. You can carefully observe the corresponding relationship between the obtained POAP content details and the data you fill in the webpage, and experience the usefulness of local zero-knowledge proof privacy computing.

Is it the identity of the data record on the chain or the real identity in reality?

It is to use your real identity information to perform calculations locally, generate calculation results and zero-knowledge proofs, and then mint NFTs that match your characteristics based on the results and zero-knowledge proofs. The most important point is that your identity information is not sent to anyone throughout the process.

It can only prove that the content of the information I filled in cannot be seen by others. How to prove that this is a real person or a virtual person?

There will be a real person authentication link later. It’s just that this process uses zk-STARK zero-knowledge proofs and verifiable digital credentials to prove the authenticity of the user’s local data and calculations.

And what is the final application of this product?

In the initial stage, applications such as digital identity, compliance verification, and DAO services will be the main focus.

Will this POAP only be used on Moonriver testnet later? How to use the mainnet?

It is currently in the testing stage, and will be launched on the multi-EVM mainnet later.

Why is the design so complicated?

Because you are using local data to generate zero-knowledge proofs, after sending them to the zCloak network, you must go through network verification, worker voting, and the final result on the chain before mint POAP. What we do is not a simple application of receiving NFTs.

Regarding the interpretation of information on POAP ! What is the point?

The points are only used for calculation demonstration and have no effect. You can learn more about the calculation rules of zk program.

How does this rarity look?

Your credential is a physical occupation such as warrior or knight, over 18 years old, and the average equipment value is >6. This is information about your character from your card. But no one knows the specific information, such as the specific year of birth and the equipment level.
This is the concept of using zkp to both protect personal privacy and use personal data for computing.

Will there be a corresponding role in the community in the future? warrior paladin priest mage or something?

Later plans will be announced gradually, so stay tuned.

Do the numbers represent scarcity?

Not rarity, just an auto-generated incremental number. There are currently only two cards, orc and mage, and the two numbers are incremented from 1.

Is it only available to orcs and mages now?

There are only these two types at present. Warriors and Paladins are the pictures of orcs, and priests and mages are pictures of female mages.

Let’s move on about : The validator node is a medium and long-term planning plan

Misunderstanding of Worker/Worker:
There is no manual review step in our process
Worker is just the name of the zero-knowledge proof verification node, it is not really a worker who is manually verifying in the background.

About ZK :
zk proof requires a lot of calculations, it is estimated to be the next mining point ?

The zk calculation of zCloak is performed in the wallet plug-in you downloaded.

How long will it take to complete?

The step of generating the proof locally can be completed in a few seconds.

I don’t think there is any innovation

It’s a matter of opinion on innovation. However, as far as we know, there is no other zero-knowledge proof project that performs arbitrary computation locally except zCloak.

Difference from zksync?

zksync is verified in the smart contract
The zero-knowledge proof of zkSync is generated on the server cluster, not locally by the user, and the mechanism is completely different from zCloak. Projects involving data privacy cannot allow zk proofs to be run on other people’s servers, because data privacy will be leaked.
Well, the proof doesn’t matter, it is public, it is the generation of the proof, this is private. They should all be made with Arithmetic Circuit.
zkSync is a custom circuit based on zk-SNARK, put together to form zkEVM. zCloak uses zk-VM based on zk-STARK, and the mechanism is completely different. Implementation aside, the core advantage of generating proofs locally on the user is that user data does not leave their device, fundamentally protecting user privacy.

Thank you so much for giving us a lot of importance information of this project. So let’s move on to next part , 10 best questions already chosen from form

Q: Currently, there are many projects working on web 3, so what strengths does the zCloak Network project have to compete with other projects?

A: zCloak is trying to provide privacy protection service to users and projects using Web3 technology. We hope to bridge web2 identities and credentials to web3 use cases, and provide a safer and more private environment for all.

Q: Too many projects promise magic but never release any working product or prove any revenue, Within a short/long time of release. Is it like this? If not can u tell us, What makes it different from other projects?

A: We are hoping to provide our project as a service, we are not a NFT project or something that requests initial investment. zCloak Network is a privacy-preserving computation platform based on zk-STARK Virtual Machine. It is the first to propose the idea of self-sovereign data and self-proving computation for Web 3.0. With zCloak Network, people can prove attributes of their data without sending any data to 3rd parties with Zero-Knowledge proof technology. In 2022, zCloak will provide its service as oracles in a multi-chain environment. Our new product will be released very soon.

Q: You announce our collaboration with Litentry. So, can you give the details of this partnership? What will be the positive benefits will it provide to the users and to your ecosystem?

A: The zCloak Network project will use Zero-Knowledge Proof to provide user data privacy protection for aggregated identity data in Litentry. It is well known that most identity data are private information. If one stores one’s identity data in a blockchain, the data will become public for good — a huge threat to the safety of the owner. With the help of Self-Sovereign Data, zCloak can transform identity data to private and secure data assets. Using the unique Self-Proving computation of zCloak, one can perform computation and analysis of their data without sending them to 3rd party servers. As such, people can use their data for all kinds of services without disclosing them. Novel applications such as “privacy-preserving credit score” or “private kyc passport” will become possible and a whole new series of DeFi applications will be enabled by us.

Q: How are you planning to attract non-crypto users to your project? Are there any upcoming partnerships that will give non-crypto users and real-world use cases?
Does the project intend to list on Cex exchanges? If yes, at what time?
Security is also an important thing, now there are some projects that are hacked and cheated after launch, leading to long-term maintenance, even closing? So does the project have any plans to protect the system safety of the game as well as the customers?

A: We are going to provide a service that bridges web2 identities to we3 use cases, I think that is how our service might be attractive to non-crypto users. Speaking of partnerships, we have announced our collaboration with LegalDAO, which is a DAO providing legal services, there will be more details about the collaboration and will be related to our new product. Our project does not have any token related plans for now. We are a project providing privacy protection to users, so security is a priority, we are very tech-oriented.

Q: What are plans in for global expansion? Are you focusing on market at this time or focus on building and developing or getting customers and users, or partnerships?

A: We are very interested in expanding our service to a global market. That is also why I’m here today. We think our service can be very useful to people around the world, especially for crypto users, and we would like to solve some very serious problems in the web3 world. We are in the initial phase of marketing and launching products, but we do have plans for expansion.

Q: Everything as oracles in a multi-chain environment needs to prioritize security solutions, special as personal indentity data,so does the project have any mechanisms for this?

A: Our mechanism for security is that we keep data and computation both on local device. In that way, user security is secured by our zk virtual machine, as nothing will be updated on-chain except for your generated proof.

Q: We are wondering that what makes zCloak Network become attractive with investors?

A: Haha very interesting question. I think the investors made sure that they understand what we at zCloak are proposing to solve. The privacy preserving problem in the web3 world has been long stand. We have a very strong engineering team and we have a feasible solution. I think our investors believed in our potential.

Q: Recently, we often see attacks against Liquidity Pools due to the high value of these pools as well as the poor security of smart contracts. Is zCloak Network confident that its product will cost you in this regard?

A: If I’m understanding this question correctly, my answer is that zCloak Network doesn’t provide security services. We only provide privacy protection. However, we have plans to work with security projects and we will work together to form better protocols and provide better security environment for public blockchains.

Q: My question is how do you comply the legal restrictions and difficulties in a country like USA and different countries around the globe? Do you have any plan for certain regions like Hongkong to spread it?

A: From what I know, what we are doing doesn’t involve any legal restrictions, as we are building services to provide privacy protection. Though, we are planning to work with KYC organizations and possibly governmental organizations for generating proof of actual identity for users.

Q: STAKING is one of the strategy to attract users and hold them and long term. So, does your project have staking program? If so, can you tell us how can we stake in your platform? How high is your APR? And is there any specific amount to stake?

A: We do not have a staking program, we only provide services to users and other projects. The business mode would be we charge service fee from other projects instead of customers, and the service will be provided. You can stay tuned to our progress and any product launch by reading our twitter feeds and medium.


Thank you so much for being here and sharing with us a lot of interesting things, All the best wishes in the future to your project and gaining the most successful ❤️


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