Dragon Verse Finance: The Upcoming BSC Based P2E Gaming Network


Dragon Verse is an upcoming Play-to-earn game with PvP/PvE Genre, built on Binance Smart Chain to take advantage of low fees, fast transaction speed, and large user base. Prepare all the weapons for your Dragon Pet and gather your strength to fight against Dark Lord Dragon and other players!

Dragon Verse is designed to focus on the NFT Marketplace system and staking, where players and the DRV community can trade accessories and raise their dragon pets to a higher level. The stronger the dragon pet, the more valuable it is on the trading market. Let’s play a simple, fun, relaxing game and make real money!

From the beginning, Dragon Metaverse has aimed to develop long-term assets for the metaverse world, and we are in progress of transferring all of your NFT into the virtual world. In the future, you can use your NFTs to receive rare accessories and gain more profits.

Dragon Verse Introduction


Dragon Verse is a creative and innovative game project with the combination of NFT technology and new- generation IDLE RPG developed on the Binance Smart Chain platform. Joining Dragon Verse not only entertains you but also generates a lot of profit. Our mission is to build a world where millions of people can participate in NFT and blockchain-based gaming in a simple and enjoyable way.
Dragon Verse will be the first ecosystem to combine the greatest aspects of gaming and digital collectibles, transforming it into the digital creatures universe. With Dragon Verse, Players can use their pets to fight, collect, grow, and earn money.
System includes: Dragon Hatching,Staking to earn token $DRV, Marketplace to trade Dragon Pets between investors, gamers and community members. In particular, players can join in Boss-fight Battlefield to receive Bonus $DRV.


Dragon Verse is created and developed in a user-friendly and easy-to-play manner with the aim of helping players and newbies enter a Blockchain-based game which is known as a totally novel field.


Dragon Verse strongly believes that in the near future, the Blockchain-based play-to-earn market will boom and become more popular in this digital era. With Dragon Verse, we hope that the increasingly strong Blockchain-applied financial market will be spread widely in the world.

Dragon Verse’s Features

▪️NFT Stacking
▪️Play To Earn
▪️PVE Arena
▪️PVP Arena

Some of the Highlights

▪️ Game story : A universe where hundreds of legendary Dragons live on different islands and many adventures are happening everyday. The Dark Lord Dragon, who used to be the largest threat to Dragon Verse World, has just been released from the millennial seal. He is summoning the powerful strength from darkness with the aim of transforming other good-natured animals into ferocious ones to rebuild his mighty army.

​The Dragon ancestors – Charles angels, have soon realized this danger and decided to send Ryuu – The Dragon of Light with good blessings to support other dragons fighting against the Dark Lord. In the adventure to restore peace to the Dragon Verse World, Ryuu has encountered and accompanied other 4 dragon warriors: Knucker, Askook, Draco and Dracul. Are you ready to join in this adventure?Let’s accompany Ryuu as well as other dragons to discover their unique skills and powers to fight the Dragon Boss.

▪️SmartContract Audited by SolidProof

▪️ Introduced by Crypto communication channels : Crypto Folds, Crypto Adventure. Blockfoglio,Thecapital,BC Blue Sky Ventures,…

▪️Dragon Verse = NFTs + GameFi + P2E Alliance + Staking


Name: Dragon Verse
Symbol: DRV
Decimal: 18
Blockchain: Binance Smart Chain
Token standard: BEP 20
Token type: Utility token
Total supply: 300,000,000
Presales: 3,5%
Liquidity: 1,65%
Airdrop: 0,4%
Ecosystem Fund: 15%
Staking Issuance: 25%
Gaming Issuance: 30,45%
Advisors: 3%
Team Development: 15%
Marketing + Partnership: 6%


Website : https://dragonverse.finance/
Twitter : https://twitter.com/Dragonverse_OA
Reddit : https://www.reddit.com/user/Dragon-Verse
Telegram ANN : https://t.me/Dragonverse_Ann
Telegram Group : https://t.me/Dragonverse_Official
Medium : https://medium.com/@dragonverse

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