About SS Ventures

SS Ventures was contributed in late 2020 and immediately became an investor, attempting to assist variety of project functions in the crypto industry.

SS Ventures multi – channel ecosystem has over 30.000 members and several major strategic partners.

We are working on more than 50 Blockchain projects together.

Our Goal is to

SS Ventures is made up of a competent investment management team with over 5 years of expertise in the Blockchain industry
As part of our objective to develop viable project, we concentrate on applications that have the potential to grow, thereby adding value to all member communities
Always keep up with the latest news, market trends, and challenges experienced in the community's investment process as well as the process of constructing and developing viable project
Connection: In addition to being a platform for traders and investors, SS Ventures has been and will continue to be a platform for the community to quickly expand and participate in all good projects. Connecting great initiatives with investors and bringing projects closer to the community

SS Ventures Community

  • Friendly connect & take care all the services
  • Take part in the exchange of crypto knowledge
  • Update on a regular basis
  • Create and build community and support using a variety of mediums in Vietnam
  • Profits should be maximized, and communication should be encouraged


We work with communities and on a variety of online social media channels to support the existing language platform.


Any business proposal please contact : contact@ss.ventures