SS Ventures
Vietnam’s Top Incubator
SS Ventures was contributed in late 2020 and immediately became an investor, attempting to assist variety of project functions in the crypto industry
30000 +
50 +
International Partnerships
50 +
Successfully Project

Popular Markets

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Why choose us ?

Experienced > 5 years
Marketing communities 11+
Daily traffic 60,000+
Members 30,000 +
Projects we have supported 50 +
Giveaways, Contests
We also organize Twitter, Telegram, Gleam Giveaways & Contests to help the project can grow members quickly.
AMA Hosting
With many experiences organizing AMA sessions in both Vietnamese and Global Communities. SS Ventures can help the project educate and engage the community.
Support Design
We have extensive experience in designing infographics (One Pagers, Tokenomics, Moonsheets) for the project’s social media and telegram community, they are highly engaging, attractive and effective in delivering the message.
Introductions & Partnerships
We can help the project connect with influencers and prospective individuals/companies who can add value.

SS Ventures Community

  • Friendly connect & take care all the services
  • Take part in the exchange of crypto knowledge
  • Update on a regular basis
  • Create and build community and support using a variety of mediums in Vietnam
  • Profits should be maximized, and communication should be encouraged


We work with communities and on a variety of online social media channels to support the existing language platform.


Any business proposal please contact :